The Easiest Way to Keep a Secret Is Without Help

My article about Niciria has caused quite the stir technically and, oddly enough, professionally.  Data center is a small circle that apparently loves gossip as much as it loves technology.  I find what Nicira is doing (as best as I understand it) interesting and by the same token I find OpenFlow, VMware vDS, Cisco’s LISP and OTV, Cisco Nexus 1000V and a lot of other networking and virtualization technologies interesting as well.  I also find that fact that parrots ‘name’ their babies very interesting and if I had an audience for it I would probably blog about it.  Despite that fact I’m not planning to join the Cornell team to pursue it.

I know a number of people at Nicira and speak with them fairly regularly.  Most of them are former colleagues that I have worked directly with so I can see how one can make the leap from a blog post (that I view as fairly neutral) to ‘Dan is joining Nicira’.  Last I checked Nicira isn’t knocking down my door with an unsolicited job offer and I have no plans to apply for one.

I imagine this is a trap many new bloggers fall into particularly when they want to blog about exciting industry news instead of using the forum to spew marketing material.  To be sure, I will do both from time to time using the guiding principle if I blog about something that I am (or knowingly will be) financially vested in I will certainly make that clear.  Regardless, the easiest way to keep a secret is without help, and I certainly wouldn’t telegraph any potential employment changes by writing fluff pieces on how great the new company is ahead of time.

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