A Baby Step Towards Hypervisor Commoditization

This week Hotlink Corporation took the wrapper off its HotLink SuperVISOR, a platform for managing heterogeneous hypervisor environments.  It is not the ground breaking heterogeneous management platform I’ve been hoping for (I have very high expectations) but what they do deliver is interesting enough for customers with heterogeneous hypervisor deployments to take a look.

HotLink SuperVISOR is a product for VMware vCenter Server which enables virtualization administrators to manage XenServer, KVM and Hyper-V from within vCenter.  Integrating with vCenter Server rather than creating an overlay platform makes deployment less disruptive for customers already standardized on VMware’s tool set.  More importantly SuperVISOR allows administrators to define a VM from within vCenter and deploy it to the hypervisor of their choosing.

HotLink SuperVISOR

Managing Multiple Hypervisors Made Easy

Heterogeneous hypervisor deployments are becoming more common place as customers look to virtualize more applications while reducing the overall cost of virtualization.  It’s not uncommon to deploy VMware for the heavy lifting with Hyper-V playing a supporting role for low priority Windows applications or XenServer for XenDesktop deployments.  No doubt VMware’s recent vSphere licensing changes (which I don’t find too drastic) will drive some customers to explore alternatives and HotLink SuperVISOR looks like a simple way to test XenServer, Hyper-V or KVM within an existing management framework.

HotLink with be demonstrating the solution at VMworld in Las Vegas this month and it will definitely be on my short list to see.

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