Closing the Cisco Chapter

Yesterday, after nine great years, I resigned my position with Cisco System, Inc..  It was an incredibly tough decision that took months of internal deliberation to reconcile.  Why I left is fairly simple but irrelevant.  I thrive in challenging, forward thinking environments where I can make a significant impact and that is my focus moving forward.

So where will the future take me?  That’s actually a good question to which a number of people, including myself, would like to know the answer.  I can say that whatever role I end up in will be more business driven.  We are in uncertain economic times and the days of simply outlaying capital to offset operational costs (which are already above 70% of the overall IT budget) with an return on investment beyond 12 months are over.  Anyone can insert themselves into an IT organization and declare server virtualization and consolidation as the IT mandate for the future.  We’ve been there and have been doing that for some time. Technology must be a driver that enables true business transformation moving into 2011.

Despite the fact that I spent over nine years at Cisco and have worked in some of the largest data center environments in the world I am only 32 years old.  The future is unknown but I’m extremely excited based on some of the conversations I’ve been having over the past few months.  My nine years at Cisco were wonderful and I can truly say, with few exceptions, that each and every person I worked with is of the highest professional and technical caliber.  I will sincerely miss each and every one of them.


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  1. Dan – Mixed feelings here. Sucks to see you go because you have been very helpful to us on our road to UCS. But, good for you. If you are not feeling “fulfilled” in your employment, find somewhere else where you will.

    So you left without having something else lined up? Gutsy to say the least.


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